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Time and place: Nov 9, 2009 - Nov 10, 2009, London

UNICEF and ODI are jointly hosting a conference entitled: The global economic crisis – Including children in the policy response.This conference will bring together development practitioners, policy experts and academic researchers from around the world to develop a deeper understanding of the ways in which the food and fuel price volatility, financial market volatility and global economic slowdown are affecting children, women and other vulnerable groups, and how policy responses to the crisis can put these most vulnerable groups first.

Time and place: Nov 4, 2009 - Nov 5, 2009, University of Western Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Join ISCI for our second conference, for dynamic and productive dialogue around concepts of child indicators and child well-being. We will also focus on developing a structure for collaboration and communication among diverse stakeholders, helping to bridge research, theory, policy, and practice.  

Time and place: Oct 25, 2009 - Oct 30, 2009, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Child Rigths in Practice: Measuring our Impact is organized by IICRD, University of Victoria, Canada. The conference aims to examine the impact that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child has had on the day-to-day lives of children in Canada and around the world.

Time and place: Oct 9, 2009 - Oct 10, 2009, Munich, German Youth Institute

International Conference and Annual Meeting of the “Sociology ofChildhood”

Section of the German Sociological Association

9 – 10 October, 2009

Time and place: Sep 7, 2009 - Sep 10, 2009, Monash University, Prato, Italy

This international conference will bring together practitioners, policy contributors, advocates and researchers from welfare, criminology, law, policing, health and mental health. The conference will give particular attention to the following themes:The protection of children under the law; Family law and its impact on children; Children as citizens: the vulnerability of indigenous children, the global movement of children, child trafficking, the impact of war and trauma on children; Youth justice;Health and mental health impacts on children and their intersection with legal processes. See links below for Call for Papers and registration.

Time and place: Sep 2, 2009 - Sep 5, 2009, Lisbon, Portugal

The Research Network aims to bring together scholars engaged in theoretical and empirical work on Children and Childhood across Europe. The Network has organised successful Sociology of Childhood Streams at the last five ESA Conferences (1999-2007). The general theme of the 2009 conference is European Society or European Societies and the various sessions will address commonalities and differences between children growing up in European Societies.

Time and place: Jul 18, 2009 - Jul 19, 2009, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

The conference is the second of a bi-annual international conference series that has been prompted by the current international vitality of geographies of children, young people and families. The aim of the conference is to provide a forum for the exchange of different knowledges, ideas and experiences from researchers and practitioners working in variety of international contexts and disciplinary fields, who are interested in exploring and advancing any aspect of geographies of children, youth and families.

Time and place: Jun 1, 2009 - Jun 2, 2009, Georgetown University Law Centre, Washington D.C

How can the CRC impact the lives of children and families in the U.S.?

On June 1-2, 2009, interactive panel discussions from leading experts will explore the answers to that question in the context of the following topics:

Needs, Rights, and the Human Family Supportive Environments for Children Health Education Special Protection Measures Participation

Additional details will be posted on the following web page: , under "Events".

Time and place: May 4, 2009 - May 6, 2009, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The conference is being organized by ANPPCAN Ethiopia and ANPPCAN Head Office in partnership with ISPCAN, UNICEF Ethiopia, Oak Foundation, Save the Children Alliance in Ethiopia, Plan Ethiopia, Action Aid Ethiopia, Fredskorpset, Italian Development Cooperation and other government and non government organizations

Time and place: Apr 29, 2009 - Apr 30, 2009, Trondheim, Norway

International Conference - Norwegian Centre for Child Research, NTNU

This conference aims to shed light on new research related to the welfare state, child care policies and small children's everyday lives in early childhood education and care institutions (ECEC).

Time and place: Apr 22, 2009 09:30 AM - 04:00 AM, CLARKE HALL, Institute of Education, London

The International Day Conference is jointly organised by IOE and The Open University. The Oslo Challenge (1999) was a collaboration between the Norwegian Government and UNICEF and marked the 10th anniversary of the adoption of the UNCRC. It included the following challenge to media professionals at all levels and in all media: “to work ethically and professionally to sound media practices and to develop and promote media codes of ethics in order to avoid sensationalism, stereotyping (incl. by gender) or undervaluing of children and their rights” (MAGIC 1999) 20years after the UN CRC, and 10 years after the Oslo Challenge, this intl day conference will draw out the political, economic, practical, justice and rights implications of representations of children in news media.

Time and place: Apr 20, 2009 - Apr 22, 2009, University of Liverpool

The Centre for the Study of the Child, the Family and the Law at the Liverpool Law School is delighted to announce that it will host a three-day international conference on children and the EU in April 2009. This will be the first event of its kind to bring together international, EU and domestic policy-makers, NGOs, practitioners, academics and young people in a joint endeavour to critically discuss the EU's emerging children's rights agenda.

Time and place: Jan 29, 2009, Instituto degli Innocenti Florence

The practical use of indicators in the mapping and assessment of the childhood condition will be discussed in an International and European context followed by an insight into national contexts in the early afternoon and concluding with a Round Table discussion on: How child wellbeing indicators can impact on child policies. Amongst intervenors are: Helmut Wintersberger, University of Vienna; Asher Ben-Arieh, Hebrew University in Jerusalem; Sinead Hanafin and Anne-Marie Brooks; Benoît Parmentier; Helmut Sax and many more.

Time and place: Jan 19, 2009 - Jan 20, 2009, Cairo, Egypt

This conference serves as a platform for innovative thinking on social policy and child rights. It will bring together academics, policy makers, practitioners as well as university students to exchange experiences and discuss proposals for inclusive and child-sensitive public social and economic policies which aim to reduce child poverty and are based on scientific evidence.

Time and place: Dec 4, 2008, Centre for Children and Young People, Southern Cross University

Presented by Michele Leiminer

by Sallie Newell and Anne Graham

Centre for Children and Young People, Southern Cross University

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Contact: Tel 02 66203613 Fax 02 66203243 Email: ccyp [at] For more info:


Time and place: Nov 27, 2008, Centre for Children and Young People, Southern Cross University

Presented by Sallie Newell and Anne Graham

Centre for Children and Young People, Southern Cross University

Lismore, Australia

Contact: Tel 02 66203613 Fax 02 66203243 Email:

ccyp [at]

For more info:


Time and place: Nov 25, 2008 - Nov 28, 2008, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

More than 3,000 participants comprised of governments, civil society, international organisations, private sector, children and young people are expected to attend this global forum convened to map out the actions that have to be taken to combat the sexual exploitation of children.

Time and place: Nov 15, 2008, IUKB/ University of Fribourg Switzerland

The Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch (IUKB) and the University of Fribourg Switzerland are organising an International Conference;Localizing Children's Rights; on Saturday 15 November 2008. The conference aims to contrast ideas and concepts as well as to facilitate an exchange of information between researchers,professionals and students working in the interdisciplinary children's rights field.

Time and place: Nov 12, 2008 - Nov 15, 2008, University of Manizales, Colombia

International Conference in Manizales, Colombia,  discussing the political socialisation of youth and children, and new concepual tendencies regarding identity, formation, leadership and child and youth participation. Conference was held in Spanish. For more information click on link below.

Time and place: Nov 6, 2008, Centre for Children and Young People, Southern Cross University

Presented by YPBV, local organisations

Centre for Children and Young People, Southern Cross University

Lismore, Australia

Contact: Tel 02 66203613 Fax 02 66203243 Email: ccyp [at]

For more info:

Time and place: Nov 3, 2008 - Nov 5, 2008, Willem Burger Zaal Complex of Congres centre De Doelen Kruisplein 40, 3012 CC Rotterdam

The Child in the City conference is the fourth bi-annual conference of the European Network Child Friendly Cities (EN CFC). During the last decennium this conference has been the place to be for all cities and scientists focussing on the theme of a local child friendly policy. Cities from all over Europe (but also from Canada and Australia, and…) inspired each other by telling about their own experiences and looking for similar cities with similar problems. It is as a market and a lab in which new ideas are developed. 

Time and place: Oct 14, 2008 - Oct 18, 2008, Sion- Switzerland

Organised by :  International Institute for the Rights of the Child (IDE) Partnership  - The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)  - The International Bureau for Children's Rights (IBCR)  - Innocenti Research Center (IRC) - UNICEF

The proceedings of the seminar will be published in spring 2009

Time and place: Oct 3, 2008 08:30 AM - Oct 4, 2008, Famliy Life Development Centre, Cornell University
Time: Sep 16, 2008 - Sep 20, 2008

The ISFL, a global scholarly organization dedicated to the study of family law, with over 500 members from over fifty (50) nations, will convene its 13th World Conference in Vienna, Austria. The 13th World Conference will consider whether and how the law supports the family and its members; and, respectively, whether the state/ecomomy provides sufficient means to sustain family structures, or vice versa.

Time and place: Sep 10, 2008 - Sep 11, 2008, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

CIESPI and PUC - Rio are organizing this international seminar to discuss theoretical and political implications of constructions of childhood in our global societies. Leading international scholars are taking part in the seminar. Download the presentation of the event below to learn more.