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Published July 14, 2008 5:08 PM

A new project of the Asia Pacific Study Group building on the rights framework, knowledge, research strategies and findings in the earlier Child Participation project is commencing this year (2010). The topic of the new project was decided on in a discussion between members of the two on-going KIs in the Asia Pacific regional study group, at the Addis Ababa Assembly, November, 2009. This topic "Exploring child to child violence and its socio-cultural contexts in some countries in the Asia Pacific region through diverse research methods" responds to growing concern in the region on child to child bullying. Some of the countries participating in the first project will be part of this new project and the group has extended to include additional countries in the region. At a meeting of the group to be held in February 2011 the participants will be from India (with TISS the host), Australia (the current co-ordinators), Indonesia, Korea and Taiwan.