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Procedures for Personal Reimbursement Claims

Personal Reimbursements

You may claim a personal reimbursement when you can tick off the following:

  • The expenses claimed are included in a Childwatch International project or activity budget
  • The activity has taken place
  • You have covered the expenses with your private funds
  • You have orignial receipts for the expenses claimed
  • The receipts are in your name

Please note that all expenses to be covered by the Childwatch International budget must be cleared by the project coordinator in advance and be kept within the activity's budget limits.

Procedure for claiming a personal reimbursement

  1. Fill in the expense reimbursement form 
    • Fill in the white blanks. The gray shaded blanks will be filled in by the secretariat.
    • The form must include your date of birth and your private address.
    • Give details of your expenses. Add a sheet if necessary.
    • List the expenses in local currency (or currency used).
  2. Fill in the account information form. One of the following codes is requires for international money transfers: 
    IBAN code (for most European countries)
    SWIFT code (if IBAN code is not available)
    Routing number (in the USA)

          Both SWIFT code and routing number require that you also add name and address of your bank and branch. Country code will be filled in by the secretariat.

Send the form with account information and original receipts to:

University of Oslo
Childwatch International
P.O.Box 1132, Blindern
N – 0318 Oslo

If you use an express freight company to send your claim, the invoice and attachments should be sent to:

Childwatch International
University of Oslo
Blindern campus
Faculty of Social Scienses
Harriet Holters Hus
Room 220
N – 0318 Oslo


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Published Oct. 9, 2008 12:14 PM - Last modified Apr. 17, 2013 2:38 PM