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Julie Meeks Gardner

Julie Meeks Gardner is head of the Caribbean Child Development Centre, and Director of the Consortium for Social Development and Research at University of the West Indies, Open Campus.

Academic degree: PhD Human Nutrition, 1994

Main research CV:
Behaviour and development: Longitudinal studies of undernourished children and of low birth weight term infants
Zinc supplementation: Behaviour and development of malnourished children given zinc
Aggressive behaviour and experiences with violence among children:
• Epidemiological surveys
• 7-year longitudinal study of aggressive boys
• Interventions to reduce aggression
• Children’s involvement in gangs (in schools and in the community)
• Infant nutrition:
Viscosity and energy density of weaning foods
Use of herbal teas
• Cognition and memory:
Effects of Trichuris
Investigations of cross-cultural testing protocols 

Present job, research and other responsibilities:
Job: Professor of Child development and nutrition
Current Research: Research Programme on Children, Aggression and Violence

Other responsibilities:
• Editorial Board of two journals
• Reviewing for several international journals
• Lecturing, student supervision, course coordination.

Work with non-academic institutions
Board representative on several governmental and NGO institutions:
• International Committee for Early Childhood Development
• Caricom Working Group on Early Childhood
• Peace Management Initiative
• National Food and Nutrition Coordinating Committee
• Malnourished Children’s Foundation
• Inter-sectoral Working Group on Children and Violence
• Children’s Issues Coalition 

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