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Nermeen Murad

Nermeen Murad is the Executive Director of the Information and Research Center (IRC), King Hussein Foundation, in Jordan. Launched in 1996 as part of the National Task Force for Children, the center works to improve the well-being of children, youth, women and families by providing multidisciplinary research and analysis to practitioners, policy makers and advocates in Jordan and the Middle East to enable effective socio-economic planning and decision making.

Through active cooperation with national and international partners and the creation of an online database on development issues, the IRC contributes to social and cultural progress by disseminating research findings on critical subjects such as child labor, poverty, gender-based violence, women’s and children's rights, and early childhood education.

In her role at the IRC, Nermeen is an advocate for women and children’s rights in Jordan and the Middle East and has partnered with many NGO organization and research centers to conduct research into the current status of women and children at risk – especially the girl child and juveniles – and to utilize the findings of the research for advocacy with policy makers to guarantee equity in front of the law and in rights and responsibilities as citizens.

Nermeen is also a successful and well known writer, journalist, consultant and news analyst with a wealth of experience and substantial knowledge of international and Middle Eastern politics and social issues and specifically the impact of politics, civil conflict and war on the welfare of citizens and especially communities at risk including refugees especially women and children.

Fluent in both Arabic and English, she holds a BA from the American University, Washington DC, in Print Media, and a Master of Arts in International Relations from Leeds University England (plus an incomplete PHd in Middle East Politics from Durham University).

Recent IRC projects include:

  1. Removing Honor from Honor Crimes – a Project to Change the Mindset of Jordanians
  2. Baseline Study on Violence Against Women in Jabal Al Nasser
  3. Reversing the Gender Bias Towards Jordanian Women Married to Foreigners
  4. Juvenile Justice – a Study of Correctional Facilities in Jordan
  5. To Be a Girl in Jordan - A Social and Legal Disadvantage
  6. Early Learning Educational Kit Training in Poverty Pockets
  7. Early Education and Play Therapy for Iraqi Refugees in Jordan”
  8. Market Study for the Village Business Initiative – micro-finance projects for women entrepreneurs in Beni Kenana in Irbid”
  9. Design and Development of a database for the Higher Population Council
  10. Corporate Governance Training Manual for NGOs
  11. Trafficking in Persons - Jordan as a Transit Country


Nermeen can be contacted at N.Murad [at] or NermeenMurad [at]

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