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Norma Del Río Lugo

Norma Del Río Lugo, member of Childwatch International Board

Norma Del Río Lugo is a researcher and professor of Psychology in the Department of Education and Communication at the Metropolitan Autonomous University-Xochimilco (UAM) in Mexico City. Del Río is cofounder and current director of the Interdisciplinary Research Program on Childhood at UAM, a key institution in CWI.

Among the books she has edited are: Niñez y juventud:dislocaciones y mudanzas (UAM-CWI, 2007), Jóvenes comprometidos en América (UAM, 2007) and Children in a Globalizing World: Increased Vulnerability of Mexican Children (UAM-UNICEF, 2002). She holds an MA from El Colegio de Mexico in linguistics and in Neurological Rehabilitation from UAM.

Her main lines of research are:

  • Early detection of hearing loss
  • Inclusive education for deaf children and youth.
  • Use of Multimedia technology in elementary indigenous schools to promote reflection and writing in indigenous language (Additive Bilinguism).
  • Intercultural Education with migrant agricultural childworkers and non worker schoolchildren
  • Social Participation of urban youth

Recently, she has been consulted by different Official Education Departments for the assessment of the impact of early education compensatory programs, and as expert on children and youth with disabilities for the curricula design and the allocation of human and technological resources that may increase access for the online postsecondary course for deaf youth.

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