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4th European Conference for Social Work and Research: Private troubles or public issues? Challenges for social work research

When the very idea of welfare state is undermined, researchers, scholars, practitioners  in social work are challenged to connect their endeavours to the core of  social work mission and the support of social solidarity.


The conference offers a space to present,  discuss, and promote studies and research approaches,  aiming at qualifying  social work practice as well as the public accountability of social work profession.

Call for Abstracts:

The annual conference aims to strengthen the scientific bases of social work: it provides an arena for researcher, practitioners, educators and policy makers to disseminate and discuss knowledge which is relevant to social work theory and practice and social policy. The scientific committee invites submission on the following themes:

1) Knowledge production and public accountability in social work
2) Research in social work as participative learning process
3) Standing up to complexity – specific and universal issues in social work
4) Evidence and uncertainty – pathways to accountable social work research and practice

5) Social diversity: Promoting human rights and the role of research
6) Social work and political action: what has research to do with this?

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Call for papers:
1 June 2013 – 30 October

20 December

Early birds:
15 February 2014

Final booking date:
10 March 2014


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