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Conference on “Child Poverty and Social Protection” Supported by the National Development Planning Board (BAPPENAS), UNICEF Indonesia, and the SMERU Research Institute

On February 28, 2013, abstracts for the Conference on "Child Poverty and Social Protection" are due. Themes: The papers will be presented in parallel sessions based on 5 themes: A. DIMENSIONS OF POVERTY B. CHILD-SENSITIVE SOCIAL PROTECTION AND POVERTY REDUCTION C. INCLUSIVE SOCIAL PROTECTION D. INTEGRATED SOCIAL PROTECTION SYSTEM E. ENABLING ENVIRONMENT FOR SOCIAL PROTECTION

TOPICS OF POLICY PAPERS The papers will be selected from, but not limited to, the following issues:

  • Dimension of poverty faced by children (individual or household dimension of poverty, deprivation and disparity, and general well-being of children) and ways to protect them.
  • How to incorporate children’s needs in social protection scheme (health, nutrition, education, quality of care, child protection).
  • Towards inclusive social protection (what the most appropriate and effective social protection scheme or program to address specific groups of children under specific circumstances, e.g., gender, children, disability and ethnicity, universal vs targeted social protection scheme.
  • Social protection for children vs poverty reduction strategy (what works best for children, who does what: national/local government, family/community based program, etc).
  • Strengthening and expanding integrated social protection system: how to ensure age-specific vulnerabilities over the life cycle are addressed, particularly the various stages from birth up to adolescence?
  • Strengthening and expanding integrated social protection system: what complementary measures/policies need to be in place to achieve social protection for children?
  • Who are (still) left behind from social protection (looking at migrants and refugees, children out of school)?
  • Enabling environment for social protection for children (supply-side complementary measures, role of family, schools, posyandu/health centers, government, social workers, community).
  • Social protection, poverty reduction, and demographic bonus. Social protection impacts (for children in particular) and governance (financial-fiscal implications, delivery mechanisms, grievance and redress, etc.).

Registration and online submission:
Announcement of abstracts selected for presentation and poster display:

Abstract Submission: 28 February 2013
Announcement of Selected Abstracts: 1 April 2013
Submission of Full Papers and PowerPoint Documents: 31 May 2013

The conference committee will provide accommodation and transport only for presenters residing in Indonesia. Presenters from outside Indonesia are to find their own sponsors for their participation in this conference, including for the accommodation and transport.

For more information, please contact Mukti Mulyana at +6221-3193-6336 (phone), +6221-3193-0850 (fax), or


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