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NYRIS 11: Global / Local Youth – New Civic Cultures, Rights and Responsibilities

The Finnish Youth Research Society announces the 11th NYRIS symposium, focusing on youth as a global and local construction.

In the highly globalised and technologised world the concepts of local and global are increasingly inter-related. Young people make sense of their world in a context where local decisions have global consequences and the global issues influence the local. The global economical power structures are more and more decisive both in local decision making of child and youth politics and in the everyday lives of young people. Communities and cultures of young people are not solely connected to national political institutions and traditions. Youth cultures and lifestyles are lived in and created in local and global contexts. We need new concepts of citizenship and civic culture, which are sensitive to economic, social and individual dimensions as they are constructed locally and globally.

Conference page: Nordic Youth Research Symposium


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Published Nov. 9, 2010 11:22 AM - Last modified Apr. 17, 2013 2:46 PM