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International Day Conference Representations of children in news media: rights, research and policy: revisiting the Oslo Challenge

The International Day Conference is jointly organised by IOE and The Open University. The Oslo Challenge (1999) was a collaboration between the Norwegian Government and UNICEF and marked the 10th anniversary of the adoption of the UNCRC. It included the following challenge to media professionals at all levels and in all media: “to work ethically and professionally to sound media practices and to develop and promote media codes of ethics in order to avoid sensationalism, stereotyping (incl. by gender) or undervaluing of children and their rights” (MAGIC 1999) 20years after the UN CRC, and 10 years after the Oslo Challenge, this intl day conference will draw out the political, economic, practical, justice and rights implications of representations of children in news media.

The Conference will explore the following questions:

• Why do negative representations of children matter?

• What research and evidence are there about possible adverse effects on/for children and young people, adults and societies generally?

• How might more positive representation be promoted? How would it differ from present images?

• How can and should the news media work ethically for and with children, so that their interests are well served?

• What steps can and do governments and professional organisations take to improve the representation of children?

• What scope is there for children to work with adults towards improved news media representation?

Please see for directions to the location, as well as the booking form for attendance (fee: £50/£10 for registered students and unwaged) or contact: Sue Grant, ECPE, Institute of Education, 20, Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL. Tel: 020 7612 6588, Email: The conference is linked to the Institute of Education’s MA Sociology of Childhood & Children’s Rights, and the week long module ‘Children’s Rights in Practice’, 20th-24th April 2009. This can be a stand-alone course. The conference is also linked to The Open University's BA (Hons) Childhood and Youth Studies.

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