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Transnational family making: children, young people and migration

The workshop encourages contributions that address the sociological and policy approaches toward migration, the role of children and young people in this process and the further dilemmas and tensions generated.

The underling idea is that despite being rather invisible in research, children and young people do participate in large-scale population movements or are a ‘rationale’ behind them. This workshop aims to look into the lived experiences of parents, children and young people experiencing migration (directly or indirectly) and to examine how policy-makers and service-providers assist children and families in this process. In doing so, the workshop will bring together theoretical and empirical research coming from Middle East, North Africa, South-Eastern Europe and EU.

The workshop aims at contributing to the advancement of knowledge in five main areas, some more recently emerged, namely: sociology of family, sociology of childhood and youth, migration studies and social policy. It will provide an opportunity to advance the theoretical and comparative discussion with regard to the transnational family making and the place of children and young people in this process. First, it aims to bring visibility to previous silent experiences of families (including children and young people) with a direct or mediated experience of migration. Second, it explores current and potential policy developments in assisting transnational families.

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Published July 8, 2010 7:55 PM - Last modified Apr. 17, 2013 4:29 PM