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Second Latin American Regional Network Conference: Ninos y Adolescentes Creciendo en Contextos de Marginalidad y Pobreza

Children and Adolescents Growing up in Contexts of Poverty, Marginalization and Violence in Latin America: Sharpening Analysis of the Problem and Shaping Responses: Second Regional Network Conference. Held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2004. PUC-Rio (Department of Social Work); CIESPI and Childwatch International

A publication was produced with articles presented at the conference 'Ninos, adolescentes, pobreza, marginalidad y violencia en America Latina y el Caribe: Relaciones Indisociables?

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The objectives of the conference included:
· Strengthen collaborations among children’s researchers in Latin America and the Caribbean;
· Identifying common problems that affect children and youth in the region;
· Establishing local, national and regional policy and practice priorities;
· Exchange of information, experience and methodologies among the participating professionals and organizations;
· Dissemination of results of this network’s work nationally and internationally.

The conference concentrated on the following issues identified in the First Latin American Children’s Research Conference held in Rio de Janeiro in December, 2003.

· Describing the key indicators of the condition of children and the problems that affect them;
· Researching ways to confront these problems and improve children’s life chances;
· Describing the distance between the legislated rights of children and the implementation of the laws and children’s experience of the reality of those rights;
· Maintaining a focus on the dual goals of ensuring rights and encouraging the exercise of responsibilities;
· Using research as an instrument of change;
· Specifying the types of studies and methods including the participation of children and families;
· Listing the public and non-profit research and policy organizations in the various countries.

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