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Key Institutions Meeting 2005 Hurdal, Norway

The Childwatch International Key Institutions Assembly 2005 took place place in Hurdal, Norway, from 26 - 27 June. 37 of the network's 45 Key Institutions were represented by one or two staff. The draft minutes are available here . Click on the links to find the agenda and the list of participants . Pdf versions of the thematic presentations and discussion papers from the Assembly are available below. Please do not quote without permission from the author.

<p>Standing from left to right: Eni; Ferran Casas; Robbie Gilligan; Maria Cherkasova; Chen Chen; Pernille Skotte; Norma Alica del R&iacute;o; Frederick Okatcha; Milena Grillo; Mark Courtney; M.Ang&eacute;lica Kotliarenco; Carlos Cardoso; Rose September; Lenka Sulova; Daniel Gerbery; Irene Rizzini; Jon-Kristian Johnsen; Selim Iltus; Anne Smith; Roger Hart; Mark Small; Nittaya Kotchabakhdi; Nick Kotchabakhdi; Clive Sellick; Nicola Taylor; Stewart Asquith; Julie Meeks Gardner; Robyn Fitzgerald; Natasha Blanchett-Cohen; Anne Graham; Marta Arango; Sheila Greene; M.Angelica Sep&uacute;lveda; Hilde Faugli; Sitting in front from left to right: Mohammad Shaheen; Ju Helen Qing; Natalie Bolzan; Helga Sneddon; Sarah Allen; Per Egil Mjaavatn; Usha Nayar; Ziad Abdeen; Judith Ennew; Victoria; Maylene Shung King; Jan Mason; Julio Rosenblatt</p>

Child research towards 2015 - A global scenario
Discussion Paper 1 Anne Trine Kjørholt - the Norwegian Centre for Child Research (NOSEB)
Discussion Paper 2Jan Mason - Social Justice and Social Change Research Centre, University of Western Sydney, Australia.
Discusssion Paper 3 (not available) Maylene Shung King - Children's Institute, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Discussion Paper 2

Presentations of experiences with networks, partnerships and consultancies within the Childwatch International research network
1. MENA Regional Network  Mohammad Shaheen, Unit for Child Research, Al Quds University, Palestine
2. The USA - Czech Republic Partnership Mark Small, Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life, Clemson University, and Lenka Šulová, Center for Family Environments, Prague, Czech Republic
3. The CINDE consultancy Marta Arango, Colombia and Roger Hart, Children's Environments Research Group, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, USA

Current International Issues

UN Study on Violence
Presentation 1 Julie Meeks-Gardner, Caribbean Child Development Centre, University of the West Indies, Jamaica
Presentation 2 Swarna Wijetunge, NEREC, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Tsunami Response
TISS Response Usha Nayar, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India   

Implementation of Child Rights - Reflections on the role of researchers
Presentation 1 Mark Courtney, Chapin Hall Centre for Children, University of Chicago, USA
Presentation 2 Anne Graham, Centre for Children and Young People, Southern Cross University, Australia

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