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Kenya: Department of Educational Psychology, Kenyatta University

Keyatta University (KU) takes pride in the fact that it is home to some of the world's top scholars, researchers and educationists. KU is especially renowned for the high standards of the Education Department, its flagship department since inception. This is evidenced by the institution's ISO certification, in addition to being declared the top performing parastatal and university in Kenya in 2008.  

Kenyatta University

Examples of research projects

  • Study on School wastage in Baringo and Kibera areas of Kenya. Research sponsored by UNICEF
  • Study on the effects micronutrient supplementation and deworming on school attendance and achievement in Siaya District of Kenya. Research sponsored by The Kenya Danish Health Research Project (KEDAHR).
  • A study on the interaction effects of Vitamin A supplementation and Malaria treatment on growth and development among the children in the Lakeshore areas of Bondo district of Kenya. Study sponsored by KEDAHR.
  • Effects of some selected factors on academic self-concept among primary school pupils in Bondo. Data collection sponsored by KEDAHR.
  • Developing The literacy- reading Program sponsored the Niilo Maki Institute, Finland

Contact details

Department of Educational Psychology
Kenyatta University
P.O. Box 43844-00100

Tel: +25420810901 ext 57029

Fax: 254-02-811575

Contact person: Dr. Jacinta Aswani Kwena,

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