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China: Centre For Child Development (CCD)

The Center for Child Development (CCD) was established in September of 1991 with the concern for children, youth, families and school. One of our major emphases is on the understanding of socialization of children in Chinese societies as well as cross-cultural studies of child development in the Asian-Pacific regions. Inter-disciplinary research and training programs is a distinctive feature of the Center. We believe that the common interest in children's well-being among various disciplines will enable the integration of strengths from areas of psychology, education, sociology, social work, communications, art, music and others in finding innovative approaches for the betterment of children and of the society in the long run.

Centre For Child Development (CCD)

Contact Details

Centre For Child Development (CCD)

Hong Kong Baptist University
Waterloo Road
Kowloon Tong
Hong Kong
People’s Republic of China

Contact person: Director: Lau Sing
Tel: +852 3411 7249

Fax: +852 2337 8902


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