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India: Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) is a University with excellence that makes a decisive difference in achieving equity and justice in many spheres by using research, teaching, hands on work and influencing people centered policies. The Institute has Six Schools and their constituent Centres and four Independent Centres.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

Examples of Research Projects

  • Child Participation in the Asia Pacific Region Child Rights as a Field of Practice in Law.
  • Reducing Adolescent HIV Infection in Maharashtra India: A Family-based Approach Preparation and Field Testing of the Information pack for children in Conflict with the Law

Contact Details

Tata Institute of social Sciences
V.N.Purva Marg, Deonar
Mumbai - 400088

Contact person: Prof. Usha S. Nayar
Tel: +91 9920 - 847453
E-mail: usnayar [at]

Tags: ["Social services", "Research Ethics", "Culture", "Indicators", "Nutrition", "Children in the legal system", "Health", "Child poverty", "Living and working on the streets", "Migration", "Children's rights", "Consumer culture", "Globalisation", "Child research methodology development", "Mental health", "participation", "Media", "Sexual exploitation of children", "Working children", "Youth", "Education", "Gender issues", "economy", "disabilities", "technology", "HIV/AIDS", "Child labour", "Discrimination", "Child psychology", "Social exclusion and marginalisation", "Violence", "Religion and spirituality", "Child development", "Public policy", "Sexual behaviour and sexual health", "girl-child"]
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