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Spain: The Catalan Interdisciplinary Research Network on Children's Rights and Children's Quality of Life (X.C.I.I.I.)

The Catalan Interdisciplinary Research Network on Children’s Rights and Children’s Quality of Life (X.C.I.I.I.) is formed by twelve research groups at five Catalan universities and consists of seventy-six researchers. From its beginning the network has been interdisciplinary and is composed of researchers in the fields of psychology, pedagogy mass-media and social education. This network began with Catalan research collaboration and is now linked with other countries, mainly European ones, related with social perspectives of studying childhood as a group of the major population. The main principle that guides our work is the Declaration of Children’s Rights as set out in the UN convention and the promotion of children’s quality of life.

Universitat de Girona

Examples of Research Projects:

  • • Children’s rights from the perspective of children, of parents and of teachers
  • • Audiovisual media between adolescents and their parents
  • • Children’s and adolescents’ personal well-being, life satisfaction and values aspired to
  • • Children’s rights and the child protection system

Main topics of interest:

  • children and adolescents subjective well-being.
  • values adolescents aspire to for their future.
  • children's rights from their own perspective.
  • children in the child protection systems and leaving care.
  • children's participation.
  • satisfaction with own city and perceptions of friendliness of the city the child lives in.
  • indicators of commitment to children

Contact Details:

The Catalan Interdisciplinary Research Network on Children’s Rights and Children’s Quality of Life (X.C.I.I.I.).

ERIDIQV - Dep Psicologia c/Creu

2 Universitat de Girona 17071



Phone: 00-34-972419838 Fax 00-34-418301

Coordinator: Ferran Casas 

Tags: ["Social services", "Indicators", "Famliy related issues", "Children's rights", "Child research methodology development", "Violence", "Religion and spirituality", "participation", "Media", "Public policy", "Youth", "Children in care", "fostering and adoption", "Children's wellbeing"]
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