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United Kingdom: Centre for Research on the Child and Family, School of Social Work and Psychology, University of East Anglia

The Centre for Research on the Child and Family aims: To advance our knowledge of the effectiveness and efficiency of children's services across the statutory, voluntary and independent sectors; To advance our conceptual understanding of the psychosocial development of children and the diverse meanings of family life across the life span in a changing and multi-cultural society; To contribute and to disseminate policy and practice knowledge which will enhance the well being of children in their families and communities; To work in collaboration with or on behalf of child and family agencies in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors in the United Kingdom and overseas.

University of East Anglia

Examples of research projects




  1. Researching adoption support
  2. Permanence in foster care
  3. Growing up in foster care
  4. A cross-national study of children in public care
  5. A review of safeguarding processes and practices

Contact details

Centre for Research on the Child and Family
School of Psychology
University of East Anglia
The Elizabeth Fry Building
Norwich, NR4 7TJ

Tel: +44 16035971471
Fax: +44 1603593552

Main contact: Prof. Margaret O'Brien
E-mail: M.O-brien [at] 


Tags: Children in the legal system, Child development, Child psychology, Children's well-being, Social services, Family related issues, Children in care, fostering and adoption, Public policy
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