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Norway: Norwegian Centre for Child Research (NOSEB)

The aim of the centre is to provide higher education in Childhood Studies and to initiate and carry out research on the life worlds of children and childhood. An important task is to create comprehensive insights in and understanding of the conditions under which children live and of the basic premises of childhood in different social and cultural contexts.

Norwegian Centre for Child Research (NOSEB)

The research is theoretically and methodologically related to the new social studies of childhood and includes both structure and agency as important perspectives. A child perspective represents a main integrative approach. It is an expectation that NOSEB's studies and research themes are contextualised socially, economically, spatially, temporarily, technologically and culturally. Interdisciplinary aspects have a high priority in the centre's research profile. The centre perceives an international and comparative orientation as indispensable - even for the understanding of Norwegian childhood(s).

Examples of research projects:

  1. The Modern Child and the Flexible Labour Market - Institutionalisation and Individualisation of children in Light of Changes in the Welfare State
  2. Day-care Centres in Transition - Inclusive Practices
  3. Children as New Citizens and the "Best Interest of the Child
  4. Consuming Children - Commercialisation and the Changing Construction of Childhood
  5. Children, Young People and Local Knowledge in Ethiopia and Zambia 

Contact details:

Norwegian Centre for Child Research (NOSEB)
Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU
N-7491 Trondheim


Telephone: +47 73596240
Fax: +47 73596239

Director: Associate Professor Anne Trine Kjørholt
E-mail: anne.trine.kjorholt [at]


Tags: ["culture", "education", "leisure", "media", "poverty", "children's rights", "well-being", "participation", "the legal system", "care and fostering", "adoption", "methodology development", "early childhood", "gender", "minority groups", "public policy", "refugees", "unaccompanied children", "social exclusion", "marginalization", "social services", "youth", "consumption", "hiv/aids", "globalization", "nutrition", "economy", "living and working on the streets", "child labour", "working children", "research ethics", "migration", "Masters degree", "PhD courses", "Norway"]
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