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Argentina: Universidad - Comunidad (UNI-COM), Faculty of Social Sciencies, Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora

UNICOM is an unit which connects the Social Sciences Faculty with the local community. The work of Uni-Com focuses on integrating the concepts of University, Community, Citizenship and Quality of Life. It houses the Research Program in Quality of Life and has worked and collaborated with Childwatch International Latin America since 2002.



-To develop community participation that expresses grassroots concerns and points of views which can inform policy-making.

- To develop research projects.

- To generate capacity building and training in research and development for students of graduate and postgraduate courses of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Lomas de Zamora National University.

- To  collaborate with other national and international centers dedicated to community relations.

- To organize national and international Congresses and Conferences on community relations.

-To offer a space for participation and exchange for professionals, researchers and postgraduate students that are developing their thesis on the topic, both of our academic unit and of other academic units of the country and the region.

- To develop and update publications which present and disseminate research projects undertaken.


Examples of research projects:

-Young peopleĀ“s quality of life and inequalities. 2013-2014

-Quality of life and future images of young university students: 2010-2011.

-Quality of life of young people living in South Great Buenos Aires: public participation and access to health.  2005-2006.

-University studentĀ“s values and quality of life.  2006.

-A quality of life improvement strategy: university as a social integration space for students. 2005.

-Quality of life of young people living in South Great Buenos Aires.  2004.



Director : Dra. Graciela Tonon



ADDRESS: Av. Juan XXIII y Ruta Provincial 4. Lomas de Zamora. CP 1832.
Faculty of Social Sciences. Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora. Argentina.







Tags: qualitative methodology, human development, young people, inequalities, quality of life, cultural diversity
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