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Venezuela: Centro de Investigaciones para la Infancia y la Familia (CENDIF)

The Research Center for Children and Families (CENDIF) has as its main objective the study of children, youth and their families, as well as various aspects of human development. An important feature of his work is the development and dissemination of alternative practices to expand and improve programs and services in the areas of education, health and development of the poorest sectors of society. Cendif gives importance to the production, monitoring and evaluation of intervention programs and maintains a very close relationship with the public sector and professionals involved in education and health.

Centro de Investigaciones para la Infancia y la Familia (CENDIF)

Examples of Research Projects:

Participation and socio-political narrative of the lives of young people: This is a qualitative study, with a holistic and interdisciplinary approach, which sees young people as social subjects not as objects of study, so that young people are the co-authors of this research. The main objective of the project is a study of the narrative of life and socio-political participation of young people who are committed to their communities and to understand the perception of young people in different cities and countries. The research work will be developed in parallel with the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina with the team from the Department of Law and Political Sciences of the National University of La Matanza.

Social imaginary of the participation of Latin American children: Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil, supported by the International Network for Children. The project stems from the Graduate Research on Children of the Latin American Network of Childwatch International and will be developed in Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. The project will combine two elements: knowing the social imaginary of the participation that have built the children in each country and analyze the similarities and differences through the crossing of information.

Meeting the needs of mothers and babies living in prison: is an innovative project developed in a mother and baby unit in the Woman Prison in Los Teques near Caracas, supported by the Jockey Club Foundation of Venezuela. The project includes a series of workshops on topics of health, nutrition, recreation and child development, prevention of drug abuse and child abuse.

Personal development and ecology: project for children and young people in high-risk social sectors located in the city of Caracas. Children are trained in the art of recycling of solid waste and involve parents and community in the process of recycling. Children and adolescents through their active participation and encourage a proper civic education to develop their self-esteem and values, build a life plan and an environmental awareness, supported by the Jockey Club Foundation.

The corner of Rights: the children in their schools designed a permanent place for reflection, information, discussion, opinion and promotion of human rights with the active participation of their teachers and parents. The main idea is to encourage the participation of children and adolescents by promoting the right to be heard and the right to express their views in a space created for themselves, school and community, supported by the Directorate of Social Education Metropolitan University.

Training in microenterprise for imprisoned women: action-research project, aimed at female prisoners in pre - release of the "Treatment Center Fabian Jose Maria Rubio” - Los Chorros, Caracas. It represents a new way of thinking about the fate of the prisoners after the experience in prison and creates a sense of personal effort and the work related to economic independence, the fate of them with their children. The idea is that ex-inmates to take control of your life, be productive and independent, reflecting a change in the penal and rehabilitation in public policy.

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Contact Details:

Centro de Investigaciones para la Infancia y la Familia (CENDIF)

Autopista Petare-Guarenas, Distribuidor Universidad, Universidad Metropolitana,

La Urbina, Caracas,. ZP: 1070-A


Phone: (58) (212) 2403464 - 2403463

Director: Gloria López

E-mail: glopez [at],

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