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Colombia: CINDE, The International Center for Education and Human Development

CINDE, is an educational research and development center, based in Colombia, with local, national and international projection. The Center's central focus is the creation of appropriate environments for the healthy physical and psychosocial development of young children.

CINDE, The International Center for Education and Human Development

CINDE's main areas of action are the implementation of educational and social development projects, the testing and validation of alternative models for the solution of problems of the most excluded groups, the preparation of human talent, at all levels, research and production of knowledge, dissemination of information, production and publication of materials and the incidence in child related public polices.


Examples of Research Projects:

Post Graduate Studies                   


Established in 2000, the Centre of Advanced Studies in Childhood and Youth is a cooperation between CINDE and the University of Manizales.

Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Niñez y Juventud


Contact Details:

CINDE, The International Center for Education and Human Development


Calle 93 No. 45 A 31 Barrio La Castellana
PBX: (+57-1) 745 1717
Fax: (+57-1) 218 7598
Móvil/Mobile: 310 244 2826


Calle 59 No. 22-24 Barrio Rosales
Tels: (+57-6) 882 8000 - 893 3180
Fax: (+57-6) 885 2164
Móvil/Mobile: 300 613 2728 - 314 771 15 16


Calle 77 Sur 43 A 27
Sabaneta, Antioquia
PBX: (+57-4) 444 8424
Fax: (+57-4) 288 3991
Móvil/Mobile: 300 787 1558

Main Contact: Marta Arango Nimnicht: marango [at]

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