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Uruguay: Interamerican Children's Institute - Instituto Interamericano del Niño

The Inter-American Children's Institute is the Specialized Organization of the Organization of American States responsible for promoting the study of issues relating to children and the family in the Americas. The principal purpose of the Institute is to cooperate with the governments of the member states in promoting the development of technical activities and instruments that contribute to the integral protection of children and to the improvement of their and their families’ quality of life.

Interamerican Children's Institute

Examples of Research Projects:

  1. Development of protection systems for children's rights
  2. Child and Youth Participation
  3. Policies and strategies of violence prevention and peace building
  4. Prevention and elimination of commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth
  5. Promotion of universal birth registration and the right to identity
  6. Children's Rights in juvenile penal justice systems
  7. Rights of the migrant unaccompanied child
  8. Prevention and elimination of child abduction
  9. Focusing on rights in the treatment of information in the media
  10. Collaboration and promotion of children's ombudsmen


Contact Details:

Instituto Interamericano del Niño, Niña y Adolescentes

Av 8 de Octubre

2904 Montevideo (11600)


Tel. (598) 2 487 2150 Fax: (598) 2 487 3242

General Director: María de los Dolores Aguilar Marmolejo

E-mail: iin [at]

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