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USA: Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago

Established in 1985, Chapin Hall is an independent policy research center at the University of Chicago that builds knowledge to improve policies and programs for children and youth, families and their communities. Our multidisciplinary research focuses on children and adolescents and devotes special attention to those experiencing significant problems, such as maltreatment, poverty, delinquency, and mental illness.  

Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago

More than 70 researchers work at Chapin Hall, coming from a variety of academic and professional disciplines, including social work, child welfare, public policy, sociology, economics, education, and law.

A few of the Centre's Projects

  • We develop and maintain an Integrated Database on Child and Family Programs in Illinois, with records of more than 4 millions children and their families involved with 30 programs. 
  • We examine racial disparities in foster care admissions and in the workings of the Juvenile Court. 
  • We evaluate an intervention program in Florida servicing children from birth to 8. 
  • We evaluate school-community partnerships that aim at increasing the safety, well-being, and academic achievement of students.

Contact information

Chapin Hall
University of Chicago
1313 East 60th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

Telephone: 773.753.5900
Fax: 773.753.5940

Director: Matthew Stagner

E-mail: mstagner [at]


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