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Australia: Centre for Children & Young People, Southern Cross University

The CCYP promotes the status of children and young people in research, policy and practice. It brings together four important strands: an interdisciplinary approach; a focus on research, education and advocacy for children and young people; an emphasis on cross-sectoral partnerships to promote evidence-based policy and practice and the inclusion and participation of children and young people.

Centre for Children & Young People, Southern Cross University

Example of research projects:

  1. The Changing Landscape of Family Law: Exploring the Promises and Possibilities for Children's Participation in Australian Family Relationship Centres
  2. Development of a Metacognitive Approach to Support Teacher Learning in Information and Communication Technology in a Whole-School Context
  3. A Longitudinal Study of the Factors Influencing the Religious and Spiritual Lives of Young People in Parish Secondary Schools within the Diocese of Lismore
  4. Children's Perspectives on Citizenship and Nation Building
  5. Rural Childhoods - Issues for Children in Remote Australia (the last two in collaboration with other Childwatch International partners).
  6. Ethical Research Involving Children – see

Contact Details:

Centre for Children & Young People
Southern Cross University
PO Box 157 Lismore
NSW 2480
Tel: 02 6620 3605
Fax 02 6620 3243

Main Contact: Associate Professor Anne Graham



E-mail: agraham [at]


Tags: Children and Health, Child research methodology development, Children in the legal system, Social services towards children, Mental health, Children's well-being, Early childhood, Indigenous children, Family related issues, Children's rights, Research Ethics, Children and Education, Children in care, Youth issues, fostering and adoption, Religion and spirituality, Public policy towards/for children, Children and technology, Child participation
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