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International Conference: “Socialización Política: Niñez y Juventud, Tendencias y Contratendencias

This international conference is organized in collaboration with the Childwatch International Latin American and Caribbean Regional Network. Participants will be discussing the political socialisation of youth and children, and new concepual tendencies regarding identity, formation, leadership and child and youth participation. Conference will be held in Spanish.

The conference will take place in Manizales, Colombia, from 12 -15 November 2008. 

Please click here for the program and description of the aims and objectives. (Spanish)

The event is a continuation of the previous conferences that will be articulated with the final activities of the Training Course for Young Researchers. Great deal of emphasis will be placed on strategies for strengthening the network in the region and for doing cooperative research projects. The general objective is to present findings from child and youth participation and participatory research done by the Childwatch International Key Institutions and others in Latin America and provide a forum for sharing experiences and promoting collaborative research in order to strengthen the Childwatch International network of researchers on children and youth in Latin America. Specifically to disseminate findings of recent research on child and youth participation done by Childwatch International Key Institutions and others in the region in order to improve awareness and encourage further research and collaboration. It also aims to socialize the research projects formulated and implemented as an outcome of the Young Researchers course; give more visibility to the Childwatch International Network and its activities in the region and facilitate and identification of potential new Key Intstitutions in the region. 

Tags: ["Latin America", "regional network", "participation", "political socialization"]
Published Oct. 31, 2008 8:22 PM - Last modified Apr. 17, 2013 3:01 PM