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"Thinking the Future"

International Conference of Philosophy with Children organised by  the  Austrian Center of Philosophy with Children.  

Oct 14 - 17 2010, Graz, Austria 

In view of the rapid change of society, the global ecological crises and the fundamental categorical shifts in relationships between mankind and nature, it is necessary to deal with the philosophical prerequisites, questions about causes and consequences of the changes as well as with preventive methods and accompanying measures and their chances and risks.

Especially with regard to the risks, insecurities and incertitudes, we are exposed to questions like the following:

What sort of world do we want to live in? Which incertitudes in the development of our society and of our environment are we confronted with? Which responsibility do we have for future generations? In which way can philosophy support society in perceiving, changing and dealing with the current problems? How can the philosophical dialogue contribute to the research in sustainability?

The aim of the conference is the exchange between the various philosophical approaches and theories in the context of today's world as well as the inclusion of current research results from diverse scientific fields in order to build explicit further bases of knowledge for educational concepts on the one hand as well as for initiatives on educational policy on the other hand.

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