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“Global Summit on Childhood”

A “Global Summit on Childhood” conference will be held in Washington, DC, March 28-31 2012, presented by the Association of Childhood Education International.

Call for papers deadline: October 15 2011

The goals of the Global Summit are to:
1.Provide a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue about the experience of childhood.
2.Explore the current state of childhood, including issues affecting education and mental and physical well-being, from international, cross-cultural, and cross-disciplinary perspectives.
3.Examine specific issues impacting the lives of children today.
4.Consider best policies and practices to promote the opportunities that support a positive childhood experience and to address the challenges that threaten childhood.

This summit will offer a platform for sharing a wide variety of viewpoints, ideas, and information. We are seeking input on issues related to the experience of childhood from a variety of stakeholders—education practitioners and researchers, health professionals, environmentalists, psychologists, sociologists, social workers, and advocates. We welcome presentation proposals on practice, policy, and research from around the world and from a variety of sectors, including universities, nonprofit organizations (NGOs), research institutes, and associations.

Link to the call for papers and online registration


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