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Exploring Childhood Studies in the Global South: Africa in Focus

Over the last 20 years or so childhood studies has grown significantly, especially within Europe and North America. However, although a number of theoretical and methodological publications have been produced situated within this field, very few of these studies focus on childhood in the global south. Instead, the majority of studies that focus on the global south have been empirical, often situated within theoretical frameworks that have been developed in the global North.

May 16, 2012, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK

The workshop will seek to initiate discussion around questions such as:
• What are the key theoretical and methodological issues for childhood researchers focusing on Africa?
• How, if at all, do theoretical, methodological and ethical issues relating to childhood research in the North transfer to various contexts in the Global South with a particular focus on Africa?
• What are the overlaps between issues focused on in the North and the South and how can these be utilized to better represent priorities in the Global South within childhood studies?

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Tags: ["conference 2012", "Africa", "Child Research", "Research Methodology", "research ethics"]
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