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Early Childhood Stimulation Benefits Adult Competence and Reduces Violent Behavior

An estimated 178 million children younger than 5 years in developing countries experience linear growth retardation and are unlikely to attain their developmental potential. We aimed to evaluate adult benefits from early childhood stimulation and/or nutritional supplementation in growth-retarded children.

An article from Pediatrics published online Apr 25, 2011.  

CONCLUSIONS: Early psychosocial intervention had wide-ranging benefits in adulthood that are likely to facilitate functioning in everyday life. The reductions in violent behavior are extremely important
given the high levels of violence in many developing countries. The study provides critical evidence that early intervention can lead to gains in adult functioning. Pediatrics 2011;127:849–857

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Tags: ["early childhood development"] By Susan P. Walker, Sally Grantham-McGregor, Marcos Vera-Hernández, Susan M. Chang
Published Apr. 28, 2011 1:49 PM - Last modified Apr. 17, 2013 4:39 PM