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New Website: The Child Protection Monitoring and Evaluation Reference Group

The child protection MERG is a global inter-agency advisory and coordination body whose purpose is to ensure that child protection receives sufficient recognition and support as an integral component of child well-being, based on high quality evidence that complies with ethical standards.

Monitoring and evaluation and evidence-based research are critical at project/programme, national and international levels for determining the scale of child protection violations, identifying vulnerable groups, ascertaining risk factors and protective assets and mechanisms, informing policy and programming, and ensuring accountability at all levels.  The move to a systems approach in child protection, consistent with similar and historic shifts in the health and education sectors, also implies a need for more evidence-based child protection.

For the first year (2010-2011), the MERG Co-Chairs will be held by Samuel Bickel (UNICEF) and Bill Bell (Save the Children).  Thereafter it is expected that a Chair and Co-chair will be elected by MERG members.

Link to the MERG website

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Published May 10, 2011 9:09 AM - Last modified Apr. 17, 2013 4:42 PM