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New website: UniCom

Faculty of Social Sciences of the Lomas de Zamora National University in Argentina has established UniCom: “University-Community Relations”  

The UniCom Aims:

A. To develop community diagnoses that bear in mind the look of the protagonists, tending to be considered by the state organisms of generation of public policies, as innovative information to the methodologies of traditional type.

B. To construct a guide of resources of the community who is in permanent update.

C. To organize courses of training in the topic destined to the members of the communities and to the students, gone away and teachers of our Faculty.

D. To organize chats in the different state and not governmental organizations of the communities, on topics of interest for his members.

E.  To generate a space of formation in research and development for students of degree and postgraduate course of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Lomas de Zamora National University.

F. To manage to interact and to collaborate with other national and international centers dedicated to the community relations.

G. To organize national and international Congresses and Conferences referred to the topic.

H. To offer a space of participation and I exchange professionals, investigators and postgraduate students that are developing their thesis dedicated to the topic, both of our academic unit and of other academic units of the country and the region.

I. To edit periodic, virtual and graphical publications, to show the productions that are generated as result of the works.

Link to the UniCom Website.

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Published Oct. 10, 2011 1:29 PM - Last modified Apr. 17, 2013 4:44 PM