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New Book: Children's Services: Working Together

Children’s Services: Working Together brings together contributions from a number of authors in the field. The book covers policy, theory, research and practice relevant to students and professionals working with children in a wide range of roles. The emphasis on working collaboratively with other professionals, where appropriate, and the holistic approach to children make this a valuable resource to anyone working with children today.

• Covers knowledge and understanding about children, their social environments and the service context; all relevant to any student planning to work with children and to all children’s professionals
• Includes contributions from education, social work, health, legal, police, sociological, psychological and political philosophy perspectives to provide a comprehensive view
• Sets service provision within UK legal and policy frameworks, acknowledging the impact of devolution and international obligations and making it immediately relevant to the reader
• Highlights children’s own perspectives on matters such as relationships with professionals, citizenship and participation to further student understanding of these topics
• Considers the relationships between services and the wider community locally and nationally to help the reader understand the impact services have in a wider setting
• Provides overviews of relevant research and key concepts, such as attachment, health inequalities, learning, resilience, desistance and transitions, to enhance and consolidate learning
• Offers a critical account of the factors and processes that help and hinder collaboration across agencies and professions, to deepen the reader's understanding of these systems

Tags: ["Social services", "community services", "participation", "education", "Health"] By Malcolm Hill, Barbara Reid, George Head, Andrew Lockyer, Raymond Taylor
Published Feb. 2, 2012 10:51 AM - Last modified Apr. 17, 2013 4:50 PM