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To be Young! Youth and the Future

The aim of the conference is to perceive and create futures through the eyes of today’s youth, adults and decision makers for the young people of the future. The course of a youth’s life, both today and toward the future, covers an entire spectrum of reality. Focusing on faith in young people, their ability and determination to build an inevitably different and in many ways an improved world for us all to live in is the focal point of this conference.

Time and place: Jun 6, - Jun 8, 2012, Turku, Finland

Deadline for abstracts: January 31, 2012

The conference is organized in association with the Finland Futures Academy and the Finnish Youth Research Network. The “To Be Young” conference marks Finland Futures Research Centre’s 14th Annual International Conference and its 20th Anniversary celebrating twenty years of quality academic research. The Youth and Futures conference will be unique with additional dimensions; whilst a solid scientific standard of traditional academic conferences will be maintained participants whose papers are accepted will be strongly encouraged to present their papers in a distinctive way.

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