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New Book: Cross-Cultural Child Research: Ethical Issues

Research on and with children in cross-cultural contexts presents several challenges—concerning consent, methodology, risk and responsibility. In the volume Cross-Cultural Child Research, experienced researchers share their reflections on these issues. The book is published by the Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees. The book launch is arranged by the hosted by the Norwegian Centre for Child Research, NTNU.

The present volume is the indirect result of an initiative taken by Jon-Kristian Johnsen at Childwatch International Research Network. The essays in this anthology are based on talks given at a one-day conference held at Litteraturhuset in Oslo on 18 March, 2011. The meeting was financed by the Norwegian National Research Ethics
Committees and Childwatch International Research Network with additional support from the Norwegian National Commission for UNESCO.

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The volume includes contributions by

Elisabeth Backe-Hansen, Professor at Norwegian Social Research (NOVA)

Harald Beyer Broch, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo

Janet Boddy, Reader in Child, Youth and Family Studies and Co-Director of the Centre for Innovation and Research in Childhood and Youth at the University of Sussex

Ragnhild Dybdahl, previously head of education and research at Norad

Jason Hart, lecturer in the Anthropology of International Development at the University of Bath and a Research Associate of the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford

Anne Trine Kjørholt, Professor at the Norwegian Centre for Child Research, University of Science and Technology

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