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Briefing Paper on Bullying: An analysis of ten years of child helpline data on bullying

New briefing paper about bullying of children and young people around the world. It is based on more than 126 million contacts that child helplines received from children and young people in the past 10 years. The paper was released on the 16 May 2013 at The Hague and presented to the Human Rights Ambassador of The Netherlands by Child Helpline International (CHI).

Child HelpIine International (CHI) has been collecting annual data from its member child helplines. In the past 10 years CHI has built up a database with details of over 126 million contacts by children and adults on behalf of young people. CHI uses this information to advocate for the strengthening of child protection systems. This paper shows that more than 80% of bullying takes place in schools, an environment which should be a safe place for children to learn and grow. Alarmingly, one in four of reported bullying cases around the world involve teachers as the perpetrator, peers are responsible for 62% of bullying cases and adults 38%."


To read more about this paper visit the CHI website:

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Published May 21, 2013 11:59 AM - Last modified May 21, 2013 11:59 AM