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Bernard van Leer Foundation seeks research and evaluation specialist.

The Bernard van Leer Foundation is looking to appoint a specialist in research and evaluation, based in The Hague, on an initial 12-month contract with the possibility of renewal. The deadline for applications is April 28. For further details, including how to apply, please see the terms of reference .

BvLF seeks to fill a Research and Evaluation position to enhance BvLF’s impact on young children’s lives. The position entails analyzing base-line data on young children’s needs from eight country strategies; developing evidence-based communication and advocacy; informing product, programme and policy development; enhancing BvLF’s capacity to use data in programming decision making; enhancing BvLF’s capacity to learn; and publishing research from BvLF programmes.

The full-time assignment will run for 12 months, commencing with the start date of the contract. Should the first 12 months result in a mutually agreeable relationship the contract would transition to a position within BvLF.

The successful candidate will work with the programme team to:

  • Review research and evaluation proposals; provide methodological guidance to grantees and programme officers; and ensure quality of outputs.
  • Support programme officers to design programme-level evaluations that identify learning and impact across clusters of grants.
  • Systematize baseline and evaluation research to ensure that a full description of data on key indicators, as well as access to relevant datasets, is easily accessible to BvLF staff.
  • Conduct meta-analyses of programming across countries to identify and articulate key learning and impact on goal areas and selected strategies.
  • Maintain an aggregated list of ongoing research and evaluation activities such that BvLF can plan communications around emerging results.
  • Review external research and evaluation results and ensure that results are communicated internally to BvLF staff to inform strategy and advocacy.

The position is based in The Hague, Netherlands. Regular travel will be required.

For further details, including how to apply, please see the terms of reference.

BvLF also continues to seek a programme officer for Tanzania and Uganda, based either in The Hague or in the region. Details are here and the deadline for applications is April 30.

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Published Apr. 11, 2013 11:24 AM - Last modified Apr. 17, 2013 3:26 PM