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Child Poverty Insights - January 2013 -Nutrition in Early Childhood: Insights from rural Ethiopia

Child Poverty Insights disseminates emerging research, practice and thinking on child poverty to a global audience of UNICEF and other UN staff, practitioners and academics. This edition disseminates empirical findings on the link between catch-up in nutrition with household asset levels for poor malnourished children in rural Ethiopia.

Child Poverty Insights-Policy Analysis.

Catherine Porter from the Department of Economics, University of Oxford, highlights recent findings on catching up from early nutritional deficits. Her findings are based on the Ethiopia Young Lives study of childhood poverty, which follows the same cohort of boys and girls born in 2001, from just after their birth.  Nutritional catch-up patterns vary substantially across socioeconomic groups in Ethiopia, even small improvements in living standards can increase a child’s chances of catching up from stunting or malnutrition in the early years.  The opportunity for influencing nutritional achievement is short; the window of opportunity to catch up appears to close as early as the age of five.

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Tags: ["child research", "child poverty", "malnutrition", "health", "child nutrition"] By Catherine Porter, Ingo Outes
Published Jan. 31, 2013 1:18 PM - Last modified Apr. 17, 2013 3:27 PM