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Inequalities research videos now available on YouTube

Three videos of conference plenary speakers sharing about their inequalities research are now available to view on YouTube. The plenary speakers were interviewed about their research papers during the Inequalities in Children’s Outcomes in Developing Countries conference conference, hosted by Young Lives at the University of Oxford, 8–9 July 2013.

The three featured papers and their authors are:


    Intergenerational Associations between Parents and Children, Inequality and Poverty
    Professor Jere R Behrman, University of Pennsylvania

    Measuring Learning Trajectories in Developing Countries with Longitudinal Data
    Karthik Muralidharan, Andhra Pradesh Randomized Evaluation Studies (APRESt) / University of California, San Diego

    When Is School the Fiercest Thing? Inequality and the Classroom
    Professor Lant Pritchett, Harvard University


        The videos are available to view and share online for free at the Young Lives YouTube Channel:

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        Published July 19, 2013 10:57 AM