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ISS/IRC Monthly Review - February 2013

International Social Service and the International Reference Centre for the Rights of Children Deprived of their Family (ISS/IRC) have published the last monthly review n°02/2013.

In this issue, you will find amongst others:
v  an editorial dedicated to the launch of the handbook titled ‘Moving Forward: Implementing the ‘Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children’,
v  the presentation of a report on the right of the child to be heard in the alternative care process,
v  the exposure of various initiatives on leaving alternative care,
v  the presentation of an interesting and innovative study on successful experiences of return of children into their family of origin after a placement,  
v  a brief summary of the pan-European evaluation survey of the “quality4children” standards,
v  the analysis of 2 publications on disabled children in the framework of our special series on disabled children and adoption.

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p. 1      Moving Forward – Implementing children’s rights in the framework of alternative care


p. 2      Germany


p. 3      A new report on the child’s right to be heard and the alternative care process

p. 4      Welcoming initiatives on leaving alternative care

Interdisciplinary resources

p. 5      Ensuring a child’s return from care to his family of origin goes as smoothly as possible

p. 6      Quality4Children: Report on a pan-European evaluation survey

Special series: The rights of children in alternative care at the United Nations

p. 7      Two recent publications by the African Child Policy Forum focus on disabled children

Forthcoming conferences, seminars, and courses


p. 8      France, United Kingdom

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