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New International Project: “Children’s Worlds. An International Report on Child Well-Being”

Three Childwatch International member institutions will take part in a new international project funded by Jacobs Foundation, Zurich. CINDE Colombia , NOVA Norway and The University of Girona, Spain , will join other prominent research institutions world wide in an interdisciplinary research project for child-wellbeing.

A cooperation agreement between Goethe University and a consortium of Principal Investigators (PIs) which include, among others, The University of Girona, represented by its President, Prof. Dr. Ferran Casas,  NOVA- Norwegian Social Research Group represented by Dr. Elisabeth Backe- Hansen and CINDE International Center for Education and Human Development represented by its Directora General Fundación Cinde Marta Arango.

Scientists, professional practitioners, and policymakers are all looking for systematic and practice-oriented standards of child well-being. What they particularly need is empirical datasets that are freely available as open sources. The present project aims to compile such an international dataset, to perform comparative data analyses of selected items and dimensions, and to make this dataset available not only for in-depth analyses but also for political discussions – for example, on the life situation of children or on the quality of childcare and education. The PIs have been cooperating intensively for more than two years. The participating disciplines include education science (Andresen), social work (Ben-Arieh), social policy (Bradshaw and Rees) and psychology (Casas). Each researcher possesses his/her own disciplinary expertise in the research field, and they all offer systematic interdisciplinary research potential. The principal touchstones for interdisciplinary integrability in this project are the cross-disciplinary design of the research aims and the highly integrable theoretical frame. Building on that foundation, the researchers will develop the empirical comparative research on child well-being together with partners from different disciplines and countries.
The research partners intend, by way of collaboration on the principle of division of labor, to deal with long term questions and issues at the pre-competitive level.

For more information please visit The Jacobs Foundation website



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Published Mar. 11, 2013 10:33 PM - Last modified Apr. 17, 2013 3:30 PM