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Children and Trafficking

This group works to define the concept of trafficking in a way that may guide a targeted response from the communities involved. In addition it works to elaborate strategies for research and practice based on an understanding of the nature of trafficking within different cultural and geographical contexts.  

List of Participants:

The group was led by Anne Hatløy at FAFO in Oslo, and representatives of NGOs and research institutions in Asia, Africa and Europe were involved in the group. The Childwatch Key Institution in Italy was a part of the study group.

Related Activities:

2006: Fafo was approved grants from Childwatch International to arrange a seminar on ‘Economic activities of children and youth in West Africa – Lessons learned for child labour and trafficking debates’. This seminar was a follow up of the activities and networks built before and during the Childhoods 2005. Report from the seminar can be downloaded here>>

2005: The group organised a Parallel Session on Children and Trafficking during the Childhood 2005 Conference in Oslo. Concept paper from the conference can be downloaded here>>

Contact Information:

Coordinator Anne Hatloy for more information: anne.hatloy [at]


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