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Central and Eastern Europe Regional Network

Childwatch International Central and Eastern Europe Regional Network is a supporting networking between child researchers in the East and Central Europe region. The Network is connected to the regional initiative on child poverty and welfare policies.

Background Information: 

The networking activities of Childwatch International in the Central and Eastern Euopean region have initially been directed at sharing information on research on indicators of children's well-being. The former Childwatch International Study Group on Monitoring Children's Well-Being coordinated this activity.

The Childwatch International Study Group on Monitoring Children's Well-Being is partly a continuation of the former Childwatch project on identifying indicators to monitor the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It also builds on the multi-national project on Monitoring children's well-being, which has developed a database on well-being indicators, based at the Chapin Hall Centre for Children in Chicago, USA.

The project consisted of several sub-groups with different geographic foci, and different levels of activity. The Childwatch International regional network on Indicators of children's well-being in Central and Eastern Europe stems from the partnership between the Key Institutions at Clemson University, USA: Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life, and in Prague, the Czech Republic: Center for Family Environments (2000 - 2003). Regional seminars have been organized in Bratislava, by the Bratislava Centre for Work and Family Studies in 2002, and by Maria Herzog at the institute for criminology in Budapest, Hungary in 2003.

A forum discussion with the Central and Eastern European network partners took place at the Childhoods 2005 Oslo Conference, under the title: Childwatch networking in Central and Eastern Europe: From Bratislava to Budapest: Progress in Creating a Network of Child Researchers in Eastern and Central Europe. The discussion was organized as a follow-up of the papers presented by Erika Kvapilova, Lenka Sulova and Zoran Pavlovic on Multi-national efforts to measure and monitor children's well being. A network meeting was also held during the conference.

The regional network has shifted focus and is now connected to the regional initiative on child poverty and welfare policies.

Regional Workshops:

2010: Children in Foster Care Workshop, CEE Regional Network Meeting, at the Department of Social Work, Charles University in Prague, 9-10 September 2010

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2008: Impact of Poverty and Social Exclusion on Children’s Lives and their Well-being, International Workshop, hosted by the the Institute for Labour and Family Research, Bratislava, 8 - 9 September 2008.

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Meeting of the Childwatch International Regional Network of Central and Eastern European Countries. The Meeting of the CWI Regional Network of CEE countries was scheduled immediately after the international workshop to take place in the afternoon of 9th September 2008.

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2007: Children’s Experiences with Poverty and Social Exclusion—Challenges for Research and Policies; International Workshop hosted by the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy Research in Vienna, June 2007

Contact Details: 

The coordinator of the Central and Eastern Europe group is:
Renate Kraenzl-Nagel at the European Centre for Welfare Policy Research

E-mail: kraenz [at] 

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