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Latin American and the Caribbean Regional Network

The exchange and collaboration within the regional network is organized to strengthen the capacity of child research in the region and to secure the use of child research in policy development and practice on the continent. The development of theory and methodology adjusted to Latin American realities is also in focus.

<p> Participants at the&nbsp;VI International Conference and Annual Regional Meeting of the Latin American and the Caribbean Network in Mexico, November 2010</p>


The Latin American regional network is a continuation of the Partnership Programme between the Childwatch Key Institutions in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela (2001 - 2004). The regional network is based on research cooperation within the framework of the study group Children Growing up in Circumstances of Poverty and Marginalization. The study group is a direct result of the Latin American Partnership Program (2001 - 2004) between the Childwatch International Key institutions CENDIF in Venezuela, CIESPI in Brazil and CINDE in Colombia. The Partnership elaborated a common platform for research collaboration on the Latin American continent within the theme of children growing up in contexts of poverty, marginalization and violence.  The partnerhip has evolved into a study group and was expanded to include the Childwatch Key Institutions the Caribbean Child Development Center in Jamaica,  CEANIM in Chile, the Documentation Centre on Infancy and Childhood in Mexico and Paniamor in Costa Rica. It is currently the research basis of a Latin American regional network with several partners both outside and inside of the Childwatch International Research Network.

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Conferences & Workshops

2015: The XI International Conference and Annual Regional Meeting of the Latin American and the Caribbean Network "Childhood and youth: realities and expectations through the rest of the XXI century" For more information. Conference Programme. Conference Review (Spanish)

2014: The X International Conference and Annual Regional Meeting of the Latin American and the Caribbean Network "Childhood and youth: infringement processes and strategies of resistance" For more information

2013: The IX International Conference and Annual Regional Meeting of the Latin American and the Caribbean Network "Quality of Life in Latin America" For more information>>

2010: The VI International Conference and Annual Regional Meeting of the Latin American and the Caribbean Network: “Excluded Children and Youth of Latin America and the Caribbean: Outcomes and Challenges of the New Millennium”. Taking place on November 18th to 20th, the conference will be co-organized with Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana and hosted by El Colegio de Jalisco in Guadalajara, Mexico. For further information, please see here>>

2009: On October 15th, the Regional Network organised a Regional Meeting in Buenos Aires at the Universidad Lomas de Zamora. The Regional Network also organized a conference with the title V International Conference: Calidad de Vida y Derechos de los Niños, Niñas y Jovenes en América Latina on October 16th.

2008: Fourth Regional Conference: ENCUENTRO INTERNACIONAL “Socialización Política: Niñez y Juventud, Tendencias y Contratendencias" -  Interdisciplinary Approaches to Participatory Research on Children and Youth Participation 12-15 November, Manizales Colombia. For Spanish>>

Parallel Regional Network Meeting to the Fourth Regional Conference>>

2006: Third Latin American Network Conference: Childhood and Youth: Dislocations and Changes Jul 17, 2006 - Jul 19, 2006, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico City, Mexico. Regional network meeting 20 July 2006. Download the Executive report here>>

2005: The group organized a session on poverty and marginalization in Latin America and the Caribbean at the Childhoods 2005 conference. The session plan is available here>> The regional network organized two meetings during the same conference to plan future activities and collaborative projects, as well as to focus the agenda for the network meeting and conference held in Mexico 2006. Find minutes of meeting here>>

Agency in Childhood and Youth" 7 - 8 November, 2005 Latin American Childwatch Network seminar Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico City.

2004: Second Regional Network Conference:Ninos y Adolescentes Creciendo en Contextos de Marginalidad y Pobreza Sep 26, 2004 - Sep 29, 2004, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2003: First International Conference of the Latin America and Caribbean Regional Network: Children and Adolescents Growing up in Contexts of Poverty, Marginalization and Violence in Latin America Nov 5, 2003 - Nov 7, 2003, PUC, The Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.



- Rizzini, Irene, María Helena Zamora y Ricardo Fletes Corona (eds.), 2004, Niños, adolescentes, pobreza, marginalidad y violencia en América Latina, Río de Janeiro: CIESPI-PUC-Río.


- Rizzini, Irene; Ricardo Fletes Corona, María Helena Zamora y Mariana Menezes Neumann (eds.), 2006, Niños, adolescentes, pobreza, marginalidad y violencia en América Latina y el Caribe: ¿relaciones indisociables?, Río de Janeiro: CIESPI-PUC-Río.


- Del Río Lugo Norma, (coord.) Niñez y Juventud. Mudanzas y Dislocaciones, UAM-Childwatch International Research Network, México, 2007.


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- Tonón, Graciela (comp.), 2010, Calidad de Vida y Derechos de los Niños, Niñas y Jóvenes en América Latina, VI Conferencia Internacional  Red Childwatch Latinoamericana y del Caribe- III Jornada del Programa de Investigación en Calidad de Vida, Lomas de Zamora: Universidad Nacional Lomas de Zamora.


- Del Río Lugo Norma y Ricardo Fletes Corona (coords), Los efectos de la crisis globalizada en los procesos de exclusión social de la infancia y juventud latinoamericana y del Caribe, México: UAM-Universidad  de Guadalajara -Childwatch International Research Network, 2011, ISBN: ISBN 978-607-477-656-0.


Graciela Tonon -  UNI-COM Jóvenes ciudadanos: experiencias de participación en América Latina, edited by Tonon, G. y Aragón, S., with chapters from different groups of the network (UNI-COM, Childhood Program, CINDE and CENDIF)

Upcoming book planned to be edited for the next network encounter, in 2014.

Conference Proceedings:

Third Regional Conference Publication: Niñez y Juventud: Dislocaciones y Mudanzas (2007)

Second Regional Conference publication: Niños, Adolescentes, Pobreza, Marginalidad y Violencia en America Latina y el Caribe: Relaciones Indisociables? (2006)

First Regional Conference publication:Ninos y adolescentes creciendo en contextos de pobreza, marginalidad y violencia en America Latina (2003)

Training Course for Young Researchers

The Latin American and Caribbean regional network organized a one year training course for junior researchers in the region. The aim with the consolidation of the training course is to strengthen the research capacity of Latin American Institutions belonging to the Childwatch International network and other institutions of the extended Childwatch International Latin American Network.

Contact Information:

Marta Arango, CINDE, Colombia: marango [at]

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