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Child Participation

Childwatch International has been involved in research and activities connected to the issue of children's participation since 1999. The former participation project  continues in the work of the study group on Children's Perception of Citizenship and Nation Building and in the regional network on Children's Participation in the Asia Pacific region.  

Contact Information

Gary Melton, Consortium on Children, Families and the Law, USA.: gmelton [at]
Louise Chawla, Professor of Planning and Urban Design at University of Colorado, Denver, USA: Louise.Chawla [at]

Related Activities:

Former Study Group on Children's Participation

The participation project has continued in the work of the study group on Children's Perception of Citizenship and Nation Building.

Children's Participation in Family Law Proceedings 2007 Report

Asia and the Pacific regional network comparative research project identifying commonalities and differences in the meaning and contexts of child participation

2008 November: CHILDWATCH INTERNATIONAL LATIN AMERICAN NETWORK CONFERENCE: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Participatory Research on Children and Youth Participation

2006: The theme of the Day of General Discussion of the UN Comittee on the Rights of the Child in 2006 was the child's right to be heard. The three Childwatch related research groups working on issues of participation submitted their recommendations to the General Comment. Download the Childwatch submission>>

2000: Children's Participation in Community Settings:A Research Symposium at the University of Oslo 26-28 June, 2000. Childwatch International in Collaboration with the MOST Programme of UNESCO

List of Participants

Natalie Kaufman and Susan Limber (Consortium on Children, Families and the Law)

Resources on Child Participation

See our Child Participation Research Page

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