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Children Growing up in circumstances of Poverty and Marginalization

The study group is a direct result of the Latin American Partnership Program (2001 - 2004) between the Childwatch International Key institutions CENDIF in Venezuela, CIESPI in Brazil and CINDE in Colombia. The Partnership elaborated a common platform for research collaboration on the Latin American continent within the theme of children growing up in contexts of poverty, marginalization and violence.  

Related Activities:

The study group include the Childwatch Key Institutions the Caribbean Child Development Center in Jamaica, CEANIM in Chile, the Documentation Centre on Infancy and Childhood in Mexico and Paniamor in Costa Rica.

It is currently the research basis of the Latin American Regional Network with several partners both outside and inside of the Childwatch International Research Network. The Study-Group has produced publications derived from three mayor regional conferences.

2005: The group organized a session at the Childhoods 2005 conference. The session plan is available here>>

During the conference, the group and partners held a meeting planning future activities. The minutes are available here>>

Contact Information: 

The study group is coordinated by:
Norma Alicia del Río Lugo at the Centro de Documentación sobre Infancia at the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in Mexico City, Mexico.
E-mail: infancia [at]

Resources on Poverty and Marginalisation

See our Poverty research page  

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