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Children's Rights

Childwatch is involved in many projects which working towards improving children's rights. Here we list only those activities which are directly rights-centred. One is the Norwegian Forum for Research and Child Rights which Childwatch Secretariat has taken on the responsibility to administer and secondly is the development of child rights indicators which Childwatch has helped support.

Related Activities:

Norwegian Forum of Research and rights

Monitoring Children's Rights Project- Child Rights Indicators

2009: At the 20th Anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Children’s Rights at a Cross-Roads: A Global Conference on Child Rights and Research was organized as an arena for reflection and dialogue across professions and disciplines. Policy makers, researchers, young people and practitioners presented their experiences and ideas and analyzee and discussed the role of research in the development of policies and practices that safeguard children’s rights.

2006: The theme of the Day of General Discussion of the UN Comittee on the Rights of the Child 2006 is the child's right to be heard. The three Childwatch related research groups working on issues of participation have submitted recommendations to the General Comment. Download the Childwatch submission>>

Former Project: The Rights of the Child to Health and a Safe Environment 

Resources on Children's Rights

See our Children's Rights research page

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