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Indicators for children's well-being

The International Society for Child Indicators (ISCI) was established in 2005 with support from Childwatch International. ISCI aims at bringing together experts in the area of child well-being indicators to share knowledge and consolidate information in the area as well as to initiate research collaboration and strengthen research on indicators in parts of the world where such indicators have not yet been developed. This initiative is partly a continuation of the former Childwatch project on identifying indicators to monitor the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Related Activities

2005: A resource group stemming from the Multi-National project at Chapin Hall was supported by Childwatch International to organize a session at the Childhoods Oslo 2005 conference in Oslo, July 2005 and to support the regional groups.

A forum discussion with the Central and Eastern European network partners was held at the Childhoods 2005 Oslo conference, under the title: Childwatch networking in Central and Eastern Europe: From Bratislava to Budapest: Prograss in Creating a Network of Child Researchers in Eastern and Central Europe. The discussion was organized as a follow up of the papers presented by Erika Kvapilova, Lenka Sulova and Zoran Pavlovic on Multi-national efforts to measure and monitor children's well being.

2004: The Key Institution at the University of Western Cape, South Africa, organized a conference and a technical meeting on the issue of indicators of children's well-being in 2004, supported by Childwatch International. The South Africa initiative is being followed up by a collaborative project with a Childwatch Key Institution in Australia, the Social Justice and Social Change Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney.

2002 and 2004: Regional seminars were organized in Bratislava, by the Bratislava Centre for Work and Family Studies in 2002, and by Maria Herzog at the Institute for Criminology in Budapest, Hungary in 2004.

Contact Information

The multi-national project on indicators of children's well-being can be contacted through Asher Ben-Arieh at the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
E.mail:: benarieh [at]

The contact for the South African initiative is Dr. Rose September of the University of Western Cape.
E.mail: rseptember [at]

List of Participants

The Childwatch International regional network on Indicators of children's well-being in Central and Eastern Europe stems from the partnership between the Key Institution at the Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life (Clemson University, USA) and the former Key Institution the Center for Family Environments (Prague, the Czech Republic, 2000 - 2003).

The coordinators of the former Central and Eastern Europe initiative are:
Mark Small of Clemson University, USA
E-mail: msmall [at]

Erika Kvapilova of UNIFEM, Bratislava, Slovenia
E.mail: erika.kvapilova [at]

Resources on Monitoring

See our Monitoring research page


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