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Children as Citizens? International Voices

This book, published by Otago University Press, is an account of a Childwatch International collaborative international study about the meaning of citizenship to children - how they view their status and membership in society through notions of identity, rights and responsibilities as citizens.

Resulting from the collaboration within the thematic group on children's perspectives of citizenship and nation building, this book presents findings as well as methodological and theoretical aspects that have come up during the five - six years of the collaboration.

• How do children see themselves as citizens – their rights, responsibilities, status, identity?
• Children from six countries – Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Norway, Palestine, and South Africa – were asked this question by researchers from Childwatch International.

This book, published by Otago University Press, reports on this research. The editors, Nicola Taylor and Anne Smith, are from the highly regarded Children’s issues Centre at the University of Otago, who collaborated in the project.

There were ideas that the children held in common – obeying the law, respecting and helping others, working hard – but the features of the different nations, whether inequality in Brazil, migration and multiculturalism in Australia and New Zealand, or conflict and occupation in Palestine, were reflected in how the children interpreted their rights, responsibilities and citizenship.

The publisher describes the book as: a comprehensive, authoritative, and timely contribution to the ongoing debate about the status and rights of children. It will be essential reading for members of the social policy, legal, health and education sectors.

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