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Life on the Streets: Children and adolescents on the Streets: Inevitable Trajectories?

Editors: Irene Rizzini, Udi Mandel Butler and Daniel Stoecklin

Co-authors: Riccardo Lucchini, Alexandre Barbara Soares, Paula Caldeira and Aline de Carvalho Martins

Who are the children and youth who live in the streets of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? What are their doubts, dreams, and survival strategies? What lead them to the streets and what are the motivations for them to get out? These are some of the questions raised by this book. This extensive research project was carried out by CIESPI with the support of Terre des hommes organization. The English version of the book was published with the support of the Institut International des Droits de LĀ“Enfant (IDE), Sweden.

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Tags: children on the streets, Latin America, Latin American Childwatch Network, Brazil By Terres de hommes Foundation, International Institute for the Rights of the Child (IDE), Ciespi
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